Axle Repair Services

We have over thirty years of experience in providing mobile axle repairs to the Northern California area. We provide drive axle, trailer spindle, and brake spider repairs using our patented Axle Surgeons® technology which creates a precision repair bringing your parts to like new condition. With this technology we can also provide on site service for all your axle repair needs, all covered by a one year guarantee.

  • Drive Axle Repair | More Info ›
    We perform on site repairs to damaged or broken drive axle tubes on vehicles 3/4 ton and up.
  • Trailer Spindle Repair | More Info ›
    Our machinists repair or replace trailer spindles on site for vehicles 3/4 ton and up.
  • Brake Spider Repair | More Info ›
    We replace worn or damaged brake spiders on heavy duty trailers on site.
Limit of Liability

Axle Surgeons of California, Inc. is not responsible for the installation of the hub onto the drive axle or trailer spindles we repair. Bearing failure due to the improper assembly of the hub is the responsibility of the shop, mechanic or owner of the vehicle who performed the installation. Additionally, Axle Surgeons of California, Inc. claims no responsibility for the strength and integrity of that portion of the axle housing which we did not repair.

Our axle repairs save time and money and get you back on the road fast!

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Did You Know?

Axle Surgeons of California, Inc. has been family owned and operated in the San Francisco Bay Area for over thirty years.

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