The Story of Axle Surgeons® of California, Inc.

A Brief History by Norman Hoskins

I learned the art of axle repair from my Uncle Pete In Illinois. I also trained with Leo Sheets, the founder of Axle Surgeons®, Inc., in Ohio in 1972.

As a teenager I was building an electric car out of parts from an MG Pinto and assorted motorcycles. I took welding classes to build the frame and my neighbor, who was a shipbuilder, helped me perfect my arc welding skills. I then took machining classes to build a Vera Drive transmission and other parts for the Electric car. This was in the late 70’s—about the same time my uncle bought one of the first Axle Surgeons® franchises. It sounded like a great business opportunity and since I was already a welder and machinist, I was given the opportunity to start an Axle Surgeons® in Northern California.

That was back in 1983. For more than thirty years we were in fact the only Axle Surgeons® business in all of Northern or Southern California. We are the original Axle Surgeons® in California and remain the foremost expert in drive axle repair, trailer spindle repair, and brake spider repair in the country.

After all these years, I’m still an “Axle Surgeon” and love the precision machining required for the job. To date, I have repaired at least 10,000 drive axles and trailer spindles.

I look forward to helping you get back on the road the next time you need professional drive axle or trailer spindle repair services. Until then, safe journeys!

We are the original Axle Surgeons of California and Northern California!


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Proudly Serving California Since 1983
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